EVERYBODY DRUM offers Community Empowerment through the metaphor of rhythmic music for communities, corporations, schools, therapeutic and spiritual groups!
“From the rhythm in our hearts to the celebration of commUnity, EVERYBODY DRUMS!”
Ken Crampton
Programs are designed for our clients.
Drums and percussion are as diverse as the individuals playing them.  Programs developed with Everybody Drum fit individual organizations needs for education, icebreakers, team-building and community building.
In an auditorium, classroom, campground or a field Drum Circles and Rhythm based exercises can be instructional, inspirational and empowering to any age and societal background.
Our programs adhere to national learning standards and are used as keynote presentations.  Everybody Drum weaves a tapestry of color and sound.  Our Interactive Presentations are ready to motivate individuals and groups through music, performance and art!
Drum Dragon Dance

Participants Learn to work with a Large tape Mashe Dragon Head and its 50 foot body, Drum, Dance, and perform.

Drum Circle FUN-Da-Mentals
Another popular program, the Drum Circle! Participants enter a circle
filled with instruments, and begin to play, through chaos, the group
will learn the joy of listening, looking, and communicating together through a
group music making experience! Program can be designed for specific populations.

Language of Rhythm
Learn the vocalization of rhythm through your voice and the voice of your drum. We will learn an easy notation system, practice rhythms, and experience a rhythmical song,
as individuals express themselves in unity.

A Rhythmic Journey!
Explore the journey of rhythm, from its first celebration, to the cross
cultural elements that weave in and out of today’s society. An Interactive Presentation!

Drumbody Say Something
Experience the call and response, conversations through rhythm and
expression. Vocal and Body Percussion Workshop.

Drum Care & The Mali Weave
Learn to take care of, tune, or rehead your Djembe, or other Hand Drum
. We will learn about the type of wood, the means of construction, and the method of tuning. Information will be share on the best ways to store, travel, and enhance your individual instruments. Private and Group lessons available.

Making Rhythm Instruments
Found Sound to culturally specific instruments, understanding the
construction, and creating instruments. This is a satisfying workshop for bonding with an individual instrument, programs can be designed for classroom, festivals, care giving facilities. Etc.

Thanks for the consideration, and the time to exploring the
possibilities, please call if I could answer any questions.

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